• activating view pick (vreticle) on the cube to make it change colours
  • documentation

Code with testing in the browser

In particular look at

  1. the import of vreticle.js
    1. how it is applied (and to what object) using vreticle
      1. the camera (ray casting)
      2. the animation loop
      3. adding the target object to the verticle.add_collider()
    2. even in it , as usual, to better grasp what ray casting is

Just so you know, this idea of sabotaging the code comes for a past participant so hate him, not me. That being said... there is a MISTAKE in the code (Aha!). It's subtle but when you look away the code does not go back to it's original size. Fix it to be safe cube wizard!

Feeling lonely? Go on to Mission 4 to bring friends along! (bit harder so you better have done everything else properly before)