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The reference for easy fast prototyping hardware the Arduino paves the way for Do It Yourself input and environment shaping VR hardware.

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Google Cardboard

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A simple bare piece of cardboard with 2 lenses. Slide your modern mobile phone with an up to date browser in it, load a webVR page and there you have it : affordable virtual reality.

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Kinect 360

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Using your body as the controller you'll be able to steer your car, shoot the bad guys and fight your opponents in games designed specifically for Kinect. Kinect for the Xbox 360 frees your mind and hands and will give you an experience that has until now gamers have only dreamed of! Full in-game interaction games that aren't restricted by wires and control pads.

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VR headset for mobile phones that works with mobile phones that have a minimum of 4 inch display and a maximum of 6.4 inches

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Occulus DK 2

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The Oculus DK2 is the latest development kit for the Rift.

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Razer Hydra

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Using magnetic motion sensing, the best available technology of its kind, the Razer Hydra’s compact base station can compute the exact location and orientation of controllers in your hands, down to a millimeter and degree..

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Revol VR

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3D printed, handmade VR controllers packed with a lot of love

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Vico VR

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This page lists the hardware that VRLab Brussels has. It can be used to be showcase, tested and eventually worked with.

Hardware might be in the future kept for a short period of times by its members in order to explore and develop VR experiences without having to buy the hardware first.