Participants? Here are some exciting topics

  • DIY HMD using laser cutters and/or 3D printers
  • DIY webVR interfaces, e.g. using an Arduino and websockets to move an object
  • understand then improving the Hackathon project
  • skeleton based control, e.g. controlling an avatar of your hand or yourself
  • transforming the VRLab website to a proper webVR experience
  • extending Aframe with components
  • having a proper asset pipeline
    • and using python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 to avoid CORS error

Instructors? Keep in mind the lessons learned for upcoming workshops

What are the patterns of problems? What is the progression? How did the feedback change? Did the quality of the feedback also changed?

Organizer? If you want us to prepare a workshop

  • have a physical space with at least electricity, heating, WiFi, power plugs, etc
    • finger food is optional
  • we try to maintain an inclusive mindset, entrance costs are supposed to be as low as possible, ideally free entrance
  • minimum 4hrs

Still interested? Contact us so that we can start to plan something together!