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Going further

For participants

  • repeating animation requires both from/to attribute

And maybe just as importantly, if you want to go on... together check out the upcoming workshops!

For instructors

  • about 10 participants in the afternoon, 5 in the evening
    • about 10 seriously tried the webVR workshops
      • more than half finished the workshop
      • Aframe issue with transparency
      • clarification required on repeating animation requiring both from/to attribute
    • Hardware part
      • partly working Oculus DK2
  • bypassing CORS was OK
  • On Unity - exchange of ideas with people that already tipped their toes into Unity and the Cardboard SDK
    • Cardboard's Event-based interface is good for standard pre-built interactions, but extending it for some physics-based interactions (e.g. when you need to find the exact point of the raycast intersection) requires deep knowledge on how the Unity's Event system operates. For quicker and more straightforward (and better in terms of learning) approach, the standard Unity raycasting and polling approach may be better.
    • The Cardboard SDK automatically copies all the properties of the main camera to the two cameras in the stereo rig. The workaround involves caching the variable that you want to keep and reintroducing it right after the duplication of the main camera properties