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Going further

For participants

Based on recurrent remarks here are some potential solutions

And maybe just as importantly, if you want to go on... together check out the upcoming workshops!

For instructors

  • 24 participants
    • about 15 tried the webVR workshops
      • 5 finished workshops
        • 4 without programming experience
      • 1 tried and couldn't find the starting link
      • 1 tried but didn't follow the link at the end of mission 0
        • could be fixed by
          • making the very first mission much simpler and requiring to follow a link
          • give the links back in the starting page or previous page (as done in previous workshops)
      • 2 tried the other workshops
      • 0 joke on lightbulb shared
    • Hardware part
      • All participant have tried the VicoVR and enjoyed it!
      • many tried the OSVR HDK and the dance floor demo from Olivier.
      • Fran├žois shared his work about Kinect merging skeleton with participant.
      • 1 researcher took the a Razer Hydra to work with it.